Scope of Services

with the support of 2 anaesthesia work stations, and 2 anaesthetists, we are managing paediatric eye surgeries like-ocular trauma, lid surgery, lacrimal surgery, congenital cataract, traumatic cataract, glaucoma, squint, retinal detachment, orbital surgeries etc. we have defrillator for life saving in emergency along with life saving drugs and CPR team.
Most of the doctors have residence in hospital campus and available 24 hours, big team of paramedics, makes the emergency management easier, mostly we get ocular injuries in children, which are operated on same day in most of the cases due to inhouse pathology and anaesthesia services. If required, we get CT or MRI adjacent to the raj eye hospital. Occasionally we get non surgical emergencies like lens induced glaucoma or acute narrow angle glaucoma, which are treated conservatively, availability of in house pharmacy makes it easier.
it deals with all kind of eye care, medical, diagnostic and surgical.
very advanced setup equipped with femto laser, five phaco machines, 4 operating microscopes, advanced biometry equipment. Raj eye hospital is referral center for managing complicated cataract surgery like subluxated or dislocated cataract / IOL. It is doing surgeries for dropped nucleus, dropped IOL, scleral fixated IOL, multifocal and toric IOL, Piggy back IOL. Almost all cataract surgeries are done under topical anesthesia without any injection, pad, sutures and hospitalization.
two glaucoma consultants with all latest equipment to diagnose and control glaucoma. The department is equipped with ERG,VEP, DIGITAL OCT Angio, Humphrey perimetry, pachymeter, ACD & Angle assessment, applanation tonometry, Perkins Tonometry, gonio, Yag PI, diode laser for micro pulse treatment or cyclophotocoagulation, glaucoma surgery children and adults
TWO VITREO RETINAL SURGEONS, trained by long term fellowship in vitreo retina are capable of managing medical retina of in house patients and referred patients from 150 km radius. Department is equipped with almost all kind of diagnostic equipment like FFA, OCT, OCT ANGIO, VEP, ERG, AND LASERS , INTRA VITREAL INECTIONS.
TWO VITREO RETINAL SURGEONS, trained by long term fellowship in vitreo retina are capable of managing SURGICAL retina of in house patients and referred patients from 150 km radius. Department is equipped with almost all kind of diagnostic equipment like FFA, OCT, OCT ANGIO, VEP, ERG, AND LASERS , INTRA VITREAL INECTIONS, vitrectomy machine, cryo, operating microscope with biom and resight.
two experienced surgeons trained by long term fellowship in oculoplasty, along with experienced paramedics are able to manage simple and complex surgeries quite well. Department has operating microscope, radio frequency cutter and cautery, endonasal viewing system to make DCR more predictable. Trauma, congenital defect, ptosis, age related lid defect are treated medically and surgically.
all orbital surgeries are done by two oculoplasic surgeons, department is equipped with supporting staff and instruments of diagnostics and surgical. It has UBM, B scan, ophthalmometer
in eye, malignancy is dealt by multiple departments depending upon the location. For example if it is in lids or orbit then by oculoplasty department, if it is in cornea/ limbus then by cornea specialist, if in uvea or retina then by vitreo retinal surgeon.
We have diagnostic & surgical facilities in ocular oncology but we don’t have radiational oncology and chemotherapy.
we are managing good number of pediatric patients with the help of multiple specialties available raj eye hospital like – ROP clinic, ocular emergency, ocular trauma, ocular oncology, retina, cataract, squint, glaucoma, ptosis, congenital malformations. Department has RETCAM, ORTHOPTICS, OCULARIST, RFRACTIONIST trained in child care, team of 9 ophthalmologists trained in different specialties. It has play station for kids and feeding room .
2 corneal surgeons registered in eye bank association of India and Uttar Pradesh human organ transplantation act[ HOTA] are doing good number of keratoplasty (therapeutic, optical penetrating/ lamellar) 2 to 4 every week. Tumours, trauma, keratoconus, lasik, c3r or cross linking, corneal infections, dry eye, ocular surface disorders are treated with the help of in house pathology, clinical specular microscope, eye bank specular microscope, topographer, non-invasive tear break up time, pupillometry, OCT, Lipiview & Lipiflow, femto laser, excimer laser and full range of other supportive tools.
very advanced setup to evaluate and treat refractive disorders in children, adults and senior citizens. More than 50 optometrists trained in refraction are great support to the team of ophthalmologist. In raj eye hospital there are 12 refraction clinics, lasik, femto lasik, flap less laser vision correction, in house optical outlet, contact lens clinic. There are many happy patients who are happy to get rid of their glasses after Laser Vision Correction.
uvea services are dealt by 2 vitreo retinal consultants which is supported b4 optometrists and equipment like B scan, UBM, OCT angio, FFA, Photo slit lamp, in house pathology. In some cases we have to outsource the services of some special pathological tests, CT, MRI , X-RAY etc.
diseases of the optic nerve, chiasma, visual cortex, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th cranial nerve, brain and muscles. Common disorders are abnormal eye movements, double vision, eye lids abnormalities (drooping, twitching, retraction, in action), optic neuritis, optic neuropathy, thyroid eye disease, one side vision loss. Department has ophthalmologists and optometrists to evaluate and treat with help of inhouse pathology, b scan, ophthalmometer, photo slit lamp, VEP, ERG, OCT ANGIO, Diplopia charting. In many cases CT,MRI & X RAY are outsourced. BOTOX injection is given for blepharospasm essential. If required surgical intervention is done.
squint is detected in day to day comprehensive Ophthalmology, further evaluated in orthoptics, treated by refraction / amblyopia therapy ( 2 synaptophores ) patching, pencil push up exercise or squint surgery. Ideal time for convergent squint surgery is 4 months to 16 months of age, for divergent squint 4 years to 5 years to save the stereopsis [ binocular vision). Department is equipped with surgical set up along with anaesthesia support to do squint surgeries quite regularly.
in urban area we are doing free eye check up camps, awareness & educational materials for public in hospital and periphery, we are doing school screening camp to detect squint, refractive error, color vision defect, ROP screening camp, rural camps to detect cataract, glaucoma, squint, lacrimal diseases, corneal opacities to be treated by keratoplasty or laser. Due to huge number of optometrists, it is possible to do eye care at the door step in our surrounding community of 100 km radius. Our NGO wing is associated with national health mission and Aushman Bharat yojana.